Display expanded columns for multiple connected items

I am trying to find a convenient way to display to hiring managers only the candidates which are relevant for their position openings.

We are maintaining two boards

  • Board 1 - candidates (all candidates that submitted a form)
  • Board 2 - positions (all organizational open positions)

The connection logic is many to many (ie, each candidate can be suitable for one or more positions, each position can have one or more candidates).

What I’ve done is set up a two-way connection for the HR team to be able to associate candidates to positions. However I have not found a convenient way to display all the connected items at a glance.

I know that there are limited automations for connected items and could not figure this one out. Do you know of any workaround I can use?
I’m open to a whole different setup, if any ideas come up.

Appreciate it!

AH! So this is where you discover new things!

You can add a “connected items” widget to an item card which can display all the items connected on a connect boards column. Unfortunately it shows the other boards main table view, but you still do get a list of all the items - and information about them.

The other downside is you have to open the item to see the item card. But this does give you more info at a glance.

You can also build custom “information” widgets with specific columns visible for the item. This is a good way to make information visible from the board for each item, without it being tied to a view.

Hi @YaelC ,

Cody offers some good advice here.

I think your setup sounds totally logical. However, I would consider solving your problem a different way. You seem to be looking for a visualization in the Positions board as you are trying to see data based on Position. You might rather consider a solution on the Candidates board:

  1. Are the hiring managers assigned in a Hiring Manager people column on the Positions board? (I would assume yes)
  2. Mirror the Hiring Manager people column to to the Candidates board via the connection. Now you should see a Hiring Manager mirrored column for all the candidates.
  3. Use your new mirrored column to create a new view (let’s call it “My Candidates”) on the Candidates board with the filter “Where Hiring Manager (mirror column) is Me (Dynamic)”.

Now when a Hiring Manager goes to that view, they will see only the candidates assigned to the positions they are managing.

Hopefully that makes sense. Please let me know if you need help or would like a demo.

Thanks, this is a great solution!

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