Distribute value over specific number of weeks for chart view


I’m looking to display a cashflow projection in the dashboard in bar chart form per week.

The goal: I want to be able to distribute a value/amount over a predetermined number of weeks and then have that value (amount/week) to be summed with any other amount/week that lands in the same week.

Eg. We have 2 projects that are both expecting to take 2 weeks each. Project A starts on week 1 and last through week 2. Project B starts on week 2 and lasts until week 3. Project A=$10,000 over 2 weeks and Project B=$20,000 over 2 weeks. So Project A will cashflow $5,000 for week 1 and week 2. Project B will cashflow $10,000 for week 2 and another $10,000 on week 3.

I want the chart to display on the X-axis Week 1, Week 2, Week 3…etc
I want the Y-axis to be the sum/amount of cashflow expected on each week across all projects. So, Week 1 should be $5,000, Week 2 should be $15,000, and Week 3 should be $10,000.

Any help on achieving this would be greatly appreciated.