Divide subitem number column by subitem dropdown and show breakdown on parent item

Hi - we are using a drop down to show the team assigned and a people column for individual assignments. We do not want to assign at a team level. But I need to know how many workdays each team has for each project.

In my subitem level I have a workdays/number column and a drop down/team column - is there a formula or automation that will show on the parent item the breakdown of workdays for all subitems in that project by team

Basically divide subitem workdays by subitem team and summarize on parent item.

I reached out to Monday but they are asking for a screenshot of all 100+ columns of the board which seem drastic since the formula automation would only impact 3 columns at the most…

Thanks for any help!!

Hey Sara!

Charlotte here from the monday team! I’d be happy to make some suggestions here!

In order to be able to roll up the correct numbers for each subitem team, it sounds like you will need to move the subitems to groups according to the team they belong to.

You could set this up via automations to make it simpler but you will need to convert the dropdown column into a status column in order to set up the “when item has __ status, move to group” recipe.

Without a couple screenshots of the board, it is difficult to visualize your exact workflow including how it looks now and what you’re trying to set up. However, I do think that because the formula columns work horizontally (calculating results between columns versus items), you will likely have to restructure your board a bit.

Let me know what you think!

Hi Charlotte,

Thank for that detailed response - unfortunately I cannot screenshot the board due to security concerns and the amount of data that would need to be redacted. I was hoping for a solution without restructuring the board, as our groups are being utilized in a different way.

As a workaround for right now I was advised that the resourcing widget works on drops down columns as well.

Thanks again.