DocuGen - generate Google Docs within

We built DocuGen to make it possible to generate any kind of documents using data from any board: invoices/receipts, quotes, proposals, you name it!
Check it out and install it for free here:

Cloud Concept is a partner based in Dubai, and we are passionate about all the possibilities that Apps brings to partners and customers. We are in love with everything

We have big plans for DocuGen and we want you to join our journey. If you are interested in being a DocuGen partner, visit our page above and sign up on the form at the bottom of the page. Lets build exciting features together for ecosystem.

How can I send you feedback?

Your feedback about DocuGen is welcome! We want to make future versions more versatile. If you have any feedback, feel free to drop us a word at


Heyyy @samicaracand :wave:

This is AMAZING! Thanks so much for sharing this and I do hope you get helpful feedback from our community users :slight_smile:

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Hi, anyone have the latest version of docugen working with templates?
I need to know if im the only one having this problem (cannot create the document, pdf with or without a template).

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Hi @samicaracand I noticed the link to check out DocuGen no longer works. Is the app still available? SUPER useful.

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Hi Cassie - thanks for reaching out! You can access and install the latest DocuGen from
Let me know if you have any other questions. Happy to jump on a call to walk you through DocuGen if you wish. Just let me know!


In case you missed it, we launched with loads of information to help you use DocuGen (click on the Help Center menu at the top.)