Documentation of webhook config and can i listen to board structural changes?


My app needs to know when the structure of the board changes - columns added / removed / type changed / settings_str changed / etc.

Is this possible with the webhooks api and if yes, how do i use it?

I didn’t see any docs covering it and prefer to not spend a lot of time on trial and error, but instead go directly to implementing this using pooling if not possible.


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Hey @rbabayoff :wave:

I’m afraid that at the time, we do not have event listeners for structural changes on a board-level. That said, you can definitely query those by using our API.

I would definitely recommend going with pooling for now, as to my mind, that would be the best way to set something like this up :slight_smile:

I hope this helps!


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Yes, definitely, saved me the exploring. Thanks @AlexSavchuk!

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@rbabayoff you’re always welcome :slight_smile: Glad I could help.