Does access token expire?

On this page, at the bottom in state that: “Access tokens do not expire and will be valid until the user uninstalls your app” but if you look in the first table before it, you see this"An access token that can be used to make calls to the API. It is valid for 30 days."

So my question is, which one of this two statements is corect?

Hey @catalin – good catch. The tokens we currently issue are valid forever (until the user uninstalls the app).

I’ve gone ahead and updated our docs with the correct information.

One more question, I do not want to make a new thread only for this. How long can the access token be? I try to save it in my database.


I’m so glad Dipro was able to help here! Just to make sure we’re on the same page here, are you referring to the number of characters in a token? Are you trying to limit the field to a certain number of symbols in your database?


Yes, what is the number of characters in a token?

Hi @catalin,

It seems to be consistently 464 for me. I’m getting confirmation that this is always the case for you from our devs, but I’m sure you can also test this yourself for confirmation.

Hope this helps!

Just heard back from our team, and the recommendation is a char limit of 2048, or 2KB as a ballpark.


Thank you so much. I will update my code


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