Does anyone know how to copy subitem text data into a top level item column's text field?

I would like to know if there is an integration that would copy the text from a subitem field into a column that is ALSO text for the associated top level item.

When I attach a subitem I am using the mirror column to display the data on the top level item, but the issue is on mobile and tablet the data disappears after a couple of second. A pop-out window shows the info, but then closes on it’s own right away so I it is a poor user experience.

hi @dwadsworth

Are you looking for the text of only (and exactly) one subitem? Or do you want to have text from all subitems in a parent item (long text) column. The latter can be done with this app The app aggregates all kind of data from subitem columns into normal monday columns without the disadvantages of those special mirror columns.

I was looking to copy from one, but this app might work for me to aggregate everything into one. I will try it out, thank you.

This doesn’t appear to aggregate LONG TEXT column type data. Any other suggestions?

Oops… my wrong. The text option was added 2 months ago to the Rollup Multiple Boards app, but not yet to Rollup Subitems. Sorry for the confusion.

We will have the text option available to Rollup Subitems very soon.

hi @dwadsworth

The Rollup Subitems app does now support text (subitems) to long text (parent) item with this recipe.


If you want to copy text from just one, you can apply filtering as shown below.

Which results in:

Hi @dwadsworth VLOOKUP app might be helpful to sync sub item fields to main item. Let me know if you need help figuring this out.


I’ve gotten this far… but the column in the subitem is a Long Text column, not a Text column. So I am trying to copy long text subitem to long text top level item column. It looks like I’m stuck here.

hi @dwadsworth

Technically it would be very easy to support long text > long text. My worry is that people will aggregate long text columns (with actually lot of text) into the parent long text and it won’t fit the max. nr. of characters (I believe its 2.000).

You are correct, 2,000 is the limit… so I’m not sure it would make sense to aggregate. In my case I am trying to copy sub-item long text to a top-level item long text field… because the long text field cannot be viewed or edited when using an iPad or mobile device. The long text field shows a pop up, that disappears after 5 seconds. I was hoping this app would provide a work-around by copying sub-item content into a new top level long text field that would be able to be viewed and edited on the iPad.

Hi @dwadsworth

Understood. Can you view the parent item long text on your iPad. If so, I cna make a small change so it will work for you.

Yes, it shows up like this on an iPad if it is long text. This is editable, and it doesn’t disappear, it closes when the user closes the reading panel.