Does oauth automatically install an app? What about paid apps?

I have a oauth flow for my app, where a user authenticates and gets API access using my app. In the oauth popup, it says it will install the app and make it available to all users in the account. This leads me to believe that going through the oauth flow should automatically install the app.

I notice when testing in my developer account that under “My Apps” (/apps/manage) the app status is marked as “Not installed” after I authorize my app via oauth. If I go to the Installed Apps page (/admin/installedApps/manage), I also see that my app did not install when I went through the oauth flow.

Is the oauth flow supposed to install the app? If so, why does it not show up as an Installed App?

Also, how does a paid app work with the oauth flow if a user did not install the app via the Marketplace? Does the oauth popup first have the user first pick a paid plan or start the free trial before continuing with the oauth flow?

Thanks in advance for the help!

Hello there @PluginGenie,

Would you be able to please send an email with this information to so we can take it from there?

Please include a screen recording of the steps you are taking so we can see the flow you are going through.

Looking forward to hearing from you via email :slightly_smiling_face:


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