Does "When an update is created" trigger works for replies?

Hi devs,
I see that there’s a “When an update is created” trigger that calls an action as soon as a new update is added to an item.
It doesn’t seem to work with replies to existing updates.
Can you confirm?
Is there a way to trigger the “when an update or a reply is created” event?


hi @rob

From the documentation: "When a new update is posted - create_update" I would say it will not fire on a reply (as it is not a new update). I don’t see a trigger that would trigger on replies to existing updates.

Thank you @basdebruin
I suspected so.
The create_update method is valid for both a new update or a reply, if a parent update ID is passed, so I guess it’s easy for monday to fire the event for both the actions.

@dipro Any thoughts?

@rob, @basdebruin

I have not “thoroughly” tested this. But with limited testing, replies DO activate the “update created” trigger.

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I would concur with Jim on this one. API for the most part treats replies as updates linked to another update. I think I’ve seen this working in the past, though its been a minute.