Domo Reporting Integrations

Has anyone worked on an integration with Domo?
While the Monday dashboards are a great tool, for certain folks, we use integrated reporting with Domo for analytics accessible on Mobile devices.

Domo uses REST API, so I’m wondering about how the API v2 will work. Any and all feedback appreciated!

Hey IndieHatano,

Can you elaborate on the capabilities of Domo and how it would help your use case if we had an integration with them? I’d love to pass this feedback onward for review.


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Hi @lauraglev,

Thanks for asking!

Domo’s a reporting tool, similar to Tableau or MS BI. It’s a central Visuals location, pulling data from Excel, Databases, Quickbooks, PM tools, email stats, Google Analytics, etc. They have “connectors” with about 1,000 platforms.
We’re using Monday for project management, time tracking, and recruitment operations. We use Quickbooks, Excel files Google Analytics and some other tools as well. An integration with Domo would allow us to more quickly see a full business picture and dig back into the details in Monday.
Also, since Monday Dashboards don’t work on iPads, so it’s a hack for us to see better visuals on the go.

Thanks again!


Awesome - this is super helpful. I do know our mobile team is working toward adding board views and eventually dashboards but there’s still some work to be done there. I am going to pass this onward to our product team as feedback for Domo - I appreciate the quick reply :slight_smile:

Stay tuned!

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Thank you, Laura!
The Domo connectors are actually quite easy to make for REST, but I’m not sure about graphql. Any feedback on development plans or intermediate shortcuts would be appreciated. I’m talking to Domo about the same.

Hi @IndieHatano,

We’re you able to find a solution for your Domo integration? I am a sales representative at 729 Solutions, a systems integrator and services partner. Please send me an email at if you would like to chat.

-Scotland Miller

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