'Done' Task Still Showing as overdue on Daily Highlights

I’m new to Monday, this may be a very simple thing that I’m mis understanding:

I completed a task on a project board and changed it’s status to ‘Done’. When I checked ‘My Week’ the task was still show as due. When I click on the task in My Week it shows the status as ‘Done’. So I hit ‘Hide’ so I didn’t have this on my list anymore.

Today I received Daily Highlights email which has the task showing as overdue. When I click on it and log into the website it still says ‘Done’ and shows me the date when I completed the task. Is this a bug, or have I done something wrong?


Check the column settings on the board to double check that Green means done.


Hi John,

Yes the status is set to Green

Hi John,

I can see more of my tasks which I have tagged as ‘Done’ still showing on my task list. I can see that these are tasks without a date.

Surely if a task is tagged complete, this should be more important than a date.



Hey @davidhoran

Thanks for sharing this. It does sound odd that if your task is marked as done that it’s showing as overdue on My Week and in your emails.

Can you please send us an email to support@monday.com so we can investigate if this is a bug or not?

Thank you!!