Doubled unique items in "My Week"

Hey to the community,

I go straight forward. Is it on purpose that unique and assigned items get shown doubled because their board of origin has two date columns?

Some background – inside a board for tasks assignment we use one date column as a deadline and an additional one to set a date which pushes an automated notification after a specific amount of time. Since we have this additional date column, tasks from the board with both dates columns set, get shown doubled inside the assigned persons “My Week” overview. This does not make too much sense in my opinion, because two date columns do not necessarily mean that one task becomes two exact same tasks.

I already tried deleting the second date column, to check if it’s the reason for the task to get doubled.

Hopefully, my point and problem are clear for all of you. I am happy to help with further explanations and information. What do you think about this?

Thank you!

Hello from Argentina!
we have the same issue a few weeks ago, but it was easily solved by checking “See only deadlines” in MyWeek options.


thanks for the hint, so we’re also not the only ones experiencing this. Unfortunately we also need to see tasks without deadline.

oh! i got it.
unfortunately beside that i dont know what to do!
i hope guys from monday will respond this question

I hope so too! I don’t think this behavior of doubling tasks is intended…

Hey @rwrw

Can you please send us a screenshot of your board so we can see the setup?


Hi Julia, glad you took on this topic.

This is the structure of the board where we have two date columns:

We don’t want the column “Trigger” to be handled as another deadline or displayed doubled in “My Week” of the assigned people. Maybe a little detail on how we use this column helps to understand why … We wanted to send out reminder notifications for tasks that have been in one status for more than 30 days. This to ensure that created tasks are not forgotten and do not fill the board unnecessarily.

So after a task gets from “unset” to “in progress” or something else, with automation, “Tigger” gets set a date today + 30 days. After the set date arrived another automation will send out a reminder notification to the one/s assigned.

I could also imagine some other use cases where a second date column would be useful, but should not necessarily double the task in the assigned people “My Week” or any other assignment overview.

Hopefully, this isn’t too complicated to understand. There could also be a flaw in our logic.

Looking forward to your input!

Hi @rwrw

I see that deadline mode is set up on the trigger column. I think if this is not the date column which should feed into My Week you should remove deadline on this column and then make the other date column the deadline column. Then, in My Week if you click on the cog on the top right, you can choose to see Deadlines Only. This would therefore just show the items according to the other date column.

Let me know if that could solve the issue?


Doesn’t the Alarm icon indicate a reminder is set on the column named Trigger and the header shading indicates that the column named Date is in Deadline mode?

If All Dates are set in My Week then these pulses/items will appear twice. I don’t see any way around that other than showing Only Deadlines.