Drip Integration

Hi, is Drip.com integration on the roadmap?
That would save me money on my zapier tasks.
I bet it’s a very common use case. Otherwise, what do you guys use instead of drip.com for email marketing?

Hi @turboroof !

We do not have an integration with Drip in the roadmap, but would love to hear more about how this integration can benefit you and also learn more from other users that may benefit from this!

Drip is an email marketing automation platform. I’m feeding customer emails and shopping cart info from my ecommerce app into Drip so I can trigger email workflows and marketing campaigns as custom as possible. I use Monday as CRM, so I have to be sending Monday items into Drip.
Currently I’m using webhooks and Zapier to send leads to Drip. Starting to play with Integromat as well.

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