Drop down/text column

Would it not make more sense to combine the drop down and text columns as one. Similar to how you did the people column. You could be able to type anything just like a text but you could also save words/phrases allowing you to just type the first part and it pop up. It seems a little redundant to not have these as one. The new combined column would also need to be available to mobile at release.


To add to this an outstanding feature for the dropdown column would be the ability to select multiple items within the column. Just like the people column again. You could select one or 10 different items. What do you think?

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Does it not then become like the tag column? I think it achieves the same thing?

I would still see those very different. Tags (I personally don’t use) have the hashtags and lower case in order to group multiple pulses from multiple boards into one. The dropdown with this function of allowing multiple would be something that allows more options, multi select, no just tagging an item. You would be able to use it as this person is ordering : apples oranges and bananas, and this other person is getting plates and napkins. It also allows content to stay uniform. Meaning if you have off site workers putting in items instead of having to filter through the same thing written differently from people everything would always match each other reducing duplicates and confusion. I personally do not see that being like the tags column at all.

Of course, tags allow multiple groupings across boards. They also show visually multiple items in one cell of your board and maintains the uniformity you mention. That’s why I thought they would achieve the same thing. Happy to pass the feedback alone of course though and interested to see UI wise how your multi select dropdown feature would work?

I noticed you guys implemented this idea and I have to say I love it! Thank you! A couple of things I would change would be if you hover the mouse over the column it should show all items entered not just one item. And when on mobile if you click on it with items entered already it should pop up like the long text column does and list all the items entered with an edit button at the bottom if you want to change something

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Hi @Julia-monday.com, exactly as you said this change made this very useful column to behave like the tags column and I must say, that in my opinion, creates weird and a bit worst UX.
Maybe the multiple option should be configurable, but right now there is no option to have a normal-regular drop-down behavior.

Hi @Ors

Thanks for the feedback. I’m not sure I understood. Were you agreeing with the feedback raised by @Miltime19?

What do you not find helpful about the configuration of this column?

Hi @Julia-monday.com.
In my opinion, the request to be able to just type and to get an auto-complete offer is great.
However, the feature of the multiple items ability creates a bit bumpy UX which is less comfortable.

I would like to have the option to allow only single value inside this column

We are still piloting, and this functionality is one of our remaining hang-ups before truly being confident in Monday as a platform for our team.

We have multiple use cases, but one of them is that we have tasks which may have multiple “people” from our client’s project on them. We do not currently have them “subscribed”, so can’t add them in a people field. We’ve worked around this by creating a board which adds each “person” as an item. We then pull that column onto the project board and it helps us assign the item (so to speak) to the external (not subscribed) client. We are limited by not being able to “assign” this to more than one selection at a time, and many of these things have multiple “people” at the client assigned to them.

We have many more use cases, including the “event scheduling survey” (a concept described in your managing remote teams training) which asks which date is “best”. We’d like to say “Select all that apply”, as which date is best does NOT mean that the person is not available for the other dates and we need to know true availability, not just 1st preference.

Let me know if you want more use cases, but the selection of more than one item in a drop down feels like very basic functionality.


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Hey @straister

Firstly, welcome to the community :slight_smile: great to have you here!!

I’m struggling to visualize what you describe in the first use case where you have the people as items and you pull those items into another board. Can you send some screenshots so I can get a deeper understanding?

You can use the dropdown to select multiple options and you can also convert this now to a form allowing for multiple select. Just want to make sure you have seen that improvement? https://support.monday.com/hc/en-us/articles/360004162179-The-Dropdown-Column?abcb=47834