Dropdown Automations, still waiting and the one available is broken... update please?

Hi All,

I am trying to utilise the Dropdown column for the sake of creating subtasks. This is the scenario:
When a proposal is marked as won from my CRM board, it creates a Job in my Job Management board in the “unscheduled work” group. At this point Job manager fills in a variety of information into the pulse in order to give the best information to the technician on the ground. What I want is for that manager to use the drop down column to select any specific items which need separate subtask that need scheduling and or managing separately. For example if a job requires Traffic Management and a Crane Truck, I want the automation to pickup on those two items and create subtasks for each.

Currently the only dropdown automation I’m aware of is the “When Dropdown changes to something, change status to something, and change status to something” Which is a premade Monday.com one. I’ve tried to use this by having hidden status columns for each possible thing I need a subtask for. In the above example I have a Traffic Management and Crane Truck column. But this is where the premade automation is broken. If I select BOTH items from the dropdown, only the first one seems to be recognised by the automation. Therefore only item chosen first changes the status of its respective status column.

@monday-team can you please provided an update as to when there will be custom automations available for Dropdown menus?