Dropdown from Item on another board

I have two boards. One for “Open Positions” and the other for “Applicants”

In the Open Positions board, the title of positions that we are looking to fill are the item names.

I would like there to be a way on the applicant board to identify which position that an applicant is suitable for. I envision this to be done through a dropdown list column that is auto-populated from the names of items on the “Open Positions” Board.

I am having difficulty making this work. Is this possible?

Hi @wbmcalli !

Welcome to the community!

There is a column called the Connect Board Column that would allow you to directly associate an Open Position to an applicant!

Even better, you will be able to see on the applicant’s board all the jobs they are qualified for. Monday.com has a great article for this here.

Hope this helps!