Dropdown Selected Items = New pulse, group, or board

When multiple dropdown items are selected, create either a new pulse, group, or board. Labeled as item name and item selected as the label in the new pulse, group, or board.

Use case: A form is filled out by client. This form is meant to trigger the clients memory by listing multiple items for them to check off what is relevant for them.

When the form is submitted, there is automatically a new board created, from a template, in a different board with their name on it. I would like to have each selected item to be it’s own pulse in that board. That way when I talk to the client it is easy to start sorting the pulses in order of importance and which products or services we scratch.

Currently using: A bunch of bulky statuses.

Hello @KateCan,
Great timing!
We recently (literally today :slight_smile: ) released as part of the integrations for Duplicates and Uniques, a feature that allows you create a group or board using existing boards or groups as templates and then the name of the item which triggered the change is used as the name of the newly created board and or group.image
If this what you are looking for, you can reply or write to support@kolaai.com and will create a demo of how it works.

Thank you @kolaai!

I would be interested in the demo as that may work for something else. However, I think it only solves a small portion of what I am trying to do in this situation.

Thanks again!

Hello @KateCan,

Here is a video of the app in action. If you have any questions, you can always reach out at support@kolaai.com
Thank you :slight_smile:

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Well done!! Not what I needed for this solution. But will be very handy in the future! Thank you @kolaai

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