Due Date Form Restrictions

Hi guys,

I work in a design team who receive a huge amount of requests each week. This means we are dealing with very tight deadlines and often not enough lead time to achieve.

My question is, in Form View, is there a way to restrict the due date selection to be no less than 5 business days (Monday-Friday) – meaning each request submitted cannot have a due date of less than 5 days from the submission date?

Appreciate any help on this – it is actually a vital inclusion for us as we weigh up whether or not to sign up with Monday.com (everything else is amazing).


Great idea - this would be very useful.

Also open to a workaround for this. One suggestion was to create a dropdown column that house upcoming dates and I would just need to delete the dates less than 5 days from now which is a very manual approach and also means automations surrounding due dates would no longer work.