Due Date Notifications for Date has Passed

Need an automation to notify someone if Date has Passed and status IS NOT something (i.e. Done); I’ve used a few automations that allow you to select IS or IS NOT but this one only has the IS option.

Also, could use other automations for when Date has passed, like changing the status of a successor task to Delayed.

Need more Date has Passed automations in general.

HI @DeedyA!

For the first question, are you able to use this recipe?

Regarding the second question, are you able to use this recipe?
image ?


Hi Laura,

Thank you for the response. I’m using both those recipes for a few conditions; however, having recipes trigger based on “passed” dates are needed as well. And in those instances, having the option to specify the number of days passed would
also allow for further automations.

The ”when date arrives” is limiting as once the date is passed, no further actions/notifications can be triggered.

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I posted about a similar frustration a few months ago (Repeating Due Date Reminders). I’ve gone and made “When Due Date has passed and status is ____ notify me every day” and in that blank space is every status that isn’t Done. Quite frustrating but the workaround has proved successful.

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Hi Krishele…hadn’t though about doing that…thank you for the tip!!