Dummies for person column

Monday has the user types: admins, members, & guests as well as teams.

I suggest an additional category: Dummy

Context: When our people work in with people outside, we would like to assign them as owner or supporter in the person column, however we don´t want to share a board with them. So we need a kind of person to refer to without further functionality. Therefore, we just created for each external entity a team with logo to create our own dummies, but this get crowded. These dummies (Teams with 0 persons) are making it difficult to find our real teams (Teams with 1 or more persons).

  • I miss the filter function in teams separating by number of teammembers
  • I would appreciate a new category for dummies with a section similar to teams
  • If there is the new user type ‘dummy’, I would appreciate a column showing me how frequently it is used so that I can also delete them. Maybe separation between usages in active and achieved boards.