Duplicate a board with V2 API

Is there any demand for full duplication of a board using the V2 API? I would like to create boards (out of templates) from my Wordpress site and then assign users and guests to the newly created boards. Any ideas?

Hey @basdebruin! Being able to create a new board from a template is on our roadmap – can you tell me more about your use case? Are you looking to create a new board when someone submits a request through your Wordpress site?

Hi Dipro,
Good to read it’s on your roadmap. My solution is for bid management, to support one bid I need 4 boards (all have different column layouts). What I want to achieve is to enter the name of a new bid on my Wordpress site and through the V2 API create the 4 boards out of existing templates. I have read through the V2 documentation and it seems to me that you can’t control which statuses will be available in a status column (including order and color), therefore having a template which everything setup is the only sensible way of doing this.

I created another topic here to see if there are other users that need user inheritance from e.g. the folder level). It is kind of annoying I have the invite (guest) users to my bid for each of the 4 boards separately.

Hi @dipro-monday.com, When creating a board from a template through the web interface I get all the goodies from the template, like automatons, permissions, status values (and order / colors) etc. Is this also expected to work through the API?
Also, do you have any idea of a time frame when this will be added to the API interface?
FYI: I have a webform (Elementor Pro Form) that allows me to hook into php code in WordPress and from that php code I am calling the V2 API. So, on my website users can create boards and add users it.