Duplicate board... sync/async?

Hi, I have some some script, which duplicate a board via Graph API, then next step it searches some item by the name. But it seems that dupolicate is async, because second function cannot finf my item… like it doesn’t exist yet… any clue ho to solve this? Some parameter for Graph API to wait for finish? So SYNC call, not ASYC?

Hi @maxim ,

It looks like you hit a monday.com “feature” here. They use different servers for writing and reading and the data is kept in sync. Unless it is kind of busy on their end and the read data may lack behind. Therefore you can’t rely on reading data that is just been written. There are no flags to influence this behavior other than “wait for ??”. Oops…

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Hey @maxim,

Thanks for reaching out. That’s a great question!

In some cases, you will indeed experience a buffer time before the data of the board you duplicate will be available for querying. Just to make sure we’re on the same page here, how big is the board you are trying to duplicate? How many items and columns does it have?

I’m afraid this is currently expected, but I’d love to pass the feedback along to prioritize this issue moving forward.