Duplicate Columns from one board in another


I have a board (A) that has a number of items in it, and a dropdown column set so that when the dropdown is set to Yes in Board A for a certain item, a new item is created in a different board (B).

What I want to happen is: when I flip the dropdown in board A, the item is created in board B AND some of the columns from the item in board A are duplicated into board B when the new item is created in board B (so I will have the new item in B, along with select columns from A).

I can’t seem to get this to work. I have set up mirror columns in B for the columns I want from A, but it requires that I manually select the items (in board b) from board A that I want to populate in B, so nothing is showing in the mirror columns for B.

Any ideas?

Hi @FredBaker - Did you also create an automatic link between the two boards for the item, so the mirrored columns know what to pull in? That sounds like the likely missing piece.

Do you mean connect the boards? I did that.

Just to share the knowledge, I ended up having to create an automation on board A so when the dropdown switch was flipped the item was duplicated on Board A and moved to board B. This let me match the column types and transfer all of the columns and info, while also letting me change the name.

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