Duplicate existing task when marked complete

I would like to request the ability to create a copy of an item when it has been marked as complete, the copy should retain the name of the original item, along with the a chosen people field and the ability to move forward the due date by a certain number of days, weeks or months would also be useful.

Hello ! you can do this via AUTOMATIONS

and combining then with another automation to change due date.

Thanks for the assistance. Unfortunately this does not retain the name of the task being copied, we would have to manually change the name of the new task every time.

Hi @DavidCramp! Thanks for joining the monday.com community :slight_smile:

The automation that @hlopezvc suggested is a great one to create a new item! The automation below is very similar, but would allow you to choose any of your boards (even the board that you are creating the automation on) and input a dynamic name within item from the supported fields options:

Let me know what you think!

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