Duplicate Group Timeout Error - Make.com

Looking for some help with a make.com scenario. I have a Board which contains a Template Group which needs to duplicate for each new project in our system, this wont be a super high volume, maybe 2-3 projects weekly, but I am struggling to get the scenario to function in make.com.

I believe the issue arises due to the complexity within the groups, the template has 94 items each with a dependency. i have uploaded a screenshot below of the scenario, for which i get a timeout Error, however, and this is the frustrating bit, the duplication does actually work but it creates 3 x duplicates of the group. I’ve changed every setting i can think of to no avail. Can anybody help?

I have a current automation within monday set up which is working, but it means i need to rename the group each time which is frustrating the team.

Would appreciate any suggestions on how to set this up so it only runs once, and keeps the execution within the time limits.

Hello there @Jordan.Hyslop,

We are not Make.com experts, but if you send this over to appsupport@monday.com with the exact error message you are getting, we can take a look to see if we can help here :grin:

Looking forward to hearing from you via email!



Another issue is make has arbitrarily set their module timeouts at 40 seconds (the make platform default) but monday’s API timeout is 60 seconds.

This means the monday API may be “fine” and going along great for 39 seconds and working away, but then make will timeout and terminate the request - wasting monday resources (and of course causing scenario failures) in the process.

Make has the ability to increase module timeouts (they did for a custom make app I created) and I have suggested to make they increase their monday.com module timeouts to match the monday.com API. But alas I am not monday.com and have little sway with the people at make to change this.

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention @codyfrisch !

I will share it with the team to see what we can do :grin:

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