Duplicate Groups including Updates through API

Hi there,
We’re looking to use make.com (formerly integromat) to duplicate a group including items and updates.

Seems the duplicate_group() mutation does not include updates which is super frustrating as we’re having to use updates for task descriptions due to the lack of a ‘task description’ field.

Is there anyway to duplicate a group either through the API or otherwise and include the updates?

We have integromat using the API to duplicate an item so worst case could we create a monday.com automation to duplicate the group when a new item is created?

Thanks all, tried support first but they directed me here!


It seems like this would be difficult to do. You can query updates but not filter on item_id. You’d also successfully have to track replies and potentially files which are all separate entities.


What you have found is correct. duplicate_group does not provide a mechanism to copy updates. However, duplicate_item DOES!

One way to accomplish what you are wanting would be to copy each items in the group specifying the “with_updates:true” parameter.

The basic Make scenario steps would be something like this:

  1. Create a new group
  2. Get the items in the group to copy
  3. For each item:
    – Duplicate the item
    – Move the item to the new group

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Thanks @JCorrell we’ll give that a try, really appreciate you replying.

Thanks @shadmickelberry for the reply too.

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You legend!
This worked great thank you so much :slight_smile:

One final cheeky question, we currently ‘link’ items in a group on one board to sub tasks in an item on another board (we have a summary view and a detail view). Linking them in this way means that progress flows upwards to the summary board.

Is there a way to update the ‘connected’ field via the API and therefore by make.com?

Thanks so much


Yes, the standard monday modules in Make will allow you to link items in the connect boards columns.

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