Duplicate pulses and groups of WITH updates

As a user, I would appreciate the ability to duplicate group of pulses (or pulses) with their updates.
We use pinned updates as descriptive with sub-tasks.
This would prevent us having to copy paste these every-time


Hi Danny! You can actually duplicate pulses with updates by going to the top hand menu at the right side of the board and duplicating board with updates. Does this help for what you’re looking to do?

Let us know a bit more about your need if it doesnt!

Thanks but not quite no.
This implies me launching a new template board every time which is a little time consuming as I then need to move the pulses to the original board.
This also created the updates in read-only mode meaning I need to copy, paste and delete the initial update.
It would be nice to just have to ability to copy pulses or group of pulses with the updates as an option with them being modifiable

Thanks Danny. We hear you and we’ll pass this along to our product team. Just to confirm, you want to be able to edit the updates section after duplicating?

I really would like this feature too.

We have templates set up with checklists in the pulses. When I create a new board it works perfectly. But if I only need to add a group to a current board when I copy the board I lose the checklist.

Also, It would be good if anyone can edit an update on a pulse.


Just to confirm, you want to be able to edit the updates section after duplicating?

Yes, definitely.

I’m not sure why they would ever be duplicated as Read-Only. Would not even occur to me that that would happen. I would always expect them to be editable. Updates are not for archiving.

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I also just noticed something. When I duplicate the pulse, it will delete the notifications, which should be as an option…But it will keep time tracked.

Somewhat related - when duplicating pulses files in a files column should duplicate as well. Currently they don’t.

Just sent a support question on this today because the new duplicate with updates is Read-Only. Like you said editable updates is a must.

the new duplicate with updates is Read-Only.

Groan…:neutral_face: So still unusable. We’re half-way there.

I’d still like to know why Monday.com devs think Read-Only is a design requirement. What real world use case do they have in mind?

Hey @Danny and @Krishele! Can you guys give us a bit more insight about your workflow and why you want updates to be editable by other people? Are you admins in the account where you want to be able to control this? Is it for adding or removing items from a checklist? Would love to hear a scenario where this is needed for you and your team :slight_smile:

I just noticed that the new option only appears when clicking on the small triangle to the left of the pulse first.


Right clicking on a pulse still only offers Duplicate Item in the context menu - not with Updates:


Hopefully “& updates” will eventually be added to the right-click context menu as well since that’s the one I use the most.

Thanks @JohnW! Sharing this with our dev team now :slight_smile:

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Hey guys! We just added the capability to duplicate items with updates when right clicking! Refresh your browser and you should see it :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing this feedback and keep it coming!

We’re also going to be working on making the updates that are copied editable to the person who duplicated it if all goes well so stay tuned! :green_heart:

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Thanks for the updates @Galit-monday.com.

Just a few of our use cases for reference…
Our R&D/Products team created a template board for their product lifespan projects. One of the pulses has a checklist of items to discuss during development. When you create a new board from that template you cannot edit the check-list pulse.

An additional use case would be if we have a board with different groups for different projects. If we add a new pulse that we would want to duplicate to each of the other groups we’d like it to be editable.

Thanks @Krishele! I actually just shared the use case about checklists with our team :smile:

Thanks for sharing the additional use case! I can definitely see how this can be useful for many teams and will share this as well!

We just added the capability to duplicate items with updates when right clicking! Refresh your browser and you should see it

That was quick. Thanks! :+1:t2: You just made me more productive.

Now for editable updates… :wink:


Glad to hear this helps your workflow! We’re working on making updates editable for the next iterations so stay tuned! :wink:

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Would it be possible to keep the duplicates in sync with each other across boards ?

Maybe I’m wrong, but it seems like the Updates section is really designed for comments via a conversation. While making the Updates editable after duplication isn’t a bad idea, I think a better fix would be to simply add the checklist feature to the Notes section of the Info Box - IMO this would still require implementing another feature request to add a notification icon on the pulse that there is an info box inside the pulse or this would just be lost.

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