Duplicate updates from one pulse to another board's pulse

As the manager of a team, I manage all of my day to day tasks from one board but have some pulses linked to my team member’s boards with the ‘link to item’ column in order to share/view updates with them.

However, I find that creating an update in the pulse of one board does not duplicate the update in the linked pulse of the other board. I can only make updates to the columns from both boards. I end up having to go to the linked board and pasting the same update there again and this becomes time consuming and repetition of the same work for me. Is there the ability through an automation or something where I can duplicate updates from the pulse of one board to another?

Hey @Samyuktha good question and idea! At this time, this is not a functionality within the platform as of yet, nor is this something we can do with automations. With that being said I’d love to learn a little bit more about your workflow and how this ties in using the link to item column on the boards.

Are these items the same but live in two different locations?

As a quick side note, you do have the ability to have an update populate in two different places via the use of “@ mentioning” the specific pulse name! Have you had a chance to try this out?

Hi Brett, I would like to see the same functionality as Samyuktha.

In my workflow I have an “overview” board, that has a few high level details, and items (and respective links) to three other boards, where the same item exists (meaning they have the same name) but in a different board that has more specifics. It is basically a way of keeping information available but not always on sight. We know about views but this seems different as every board may have 10-15 columns that are not applicable to every item in the “overview”. So instead of having a bunch of empty columns, we just link it to an additional item in another board if needed.