Duplicate updates from one pulse to another board's pulse

As the manager of a team, I manage all of my day to day tasks from one board but have some pulses linked to my team member’s boards with the ‘link to item’ column in order to share/view updates with them.

However, I find that creating an update in the pulse of one board does not duplicate the update in the linked pulse of the other board. I can only make updates to the columns from both boards. I end up having to go to the linked board and pasting the same update there again and this becomes time consuming and repetition of the same work for me. Is there the ability through an automation or something where I can duplicate updates from the pulse of one board to another?

Hey @Samyuktha good question and idea! At this time, this is not a functionality within the platform as of yet, nor is this something we can do with automations. With that being said I’d love to learn a little bit more about your workflow and how this ties in using the link to item column on the boards.

Are these items the same but live in two different locations?

As a quick side note, you do have the ability to have an update populate in two different places via the use of “@ mentioning” the specific pulse name! Have you had a chance to try this out?

Hi Brett, I would like to see the same functionality as Samyuktha.

In my workflow I have an “overview” board, that has a few high level details, and items (and respective links) to three other boards, where the same item exists (meaning they have the same name) but in a different board that has more specifics. It is basically a way of keeping information available but not always on sight. We know about views but this seems different as every board may have 10-15 columns that are not applicable to every item in the “overview”. So instead of having a bunch of empty columns, we just link it to an additional item in another board if needed.

I strongly support this. I am currently trapped in one bloated board because there is no capacity to share updates between boards. My updates are usually unique client requests or information that does not require a column but does need to be seen by all teams.

I’d like to create more boards linked to the top level board, but ATM teams would have to return to the top level board to read the updates which really obfuscates things, particularly when I want to keep certain teams and individuals away from the top level, but still be able to see these crucial updates.

Hi @Samyuktha, @luislara, & @J-Dog!

As Brett mentioned, we do have a workaround available that allows you to @ mention items from other boards in your update :tada:

I recorded a quick video to show you how you can mention other items within an update so the update will appear on the other items as well. You can do this for item’s within the same board or for items in other main boards:

Mentioning Items in Updates

Please let me know if this helps, and if you have any additional questions!

Hi Melissa,

Thanks for telling me about the workaround. I have tested it but I can’t seem to get the same result as you.

Please see the video:


Many Thanks,

Jude Beggs

Hi Malissa, I am interested in this way of mentioning as wel, I tested it, but I do not see the board which should show up after mentioning. Am I doing something wrong?

Hey @J-Dog & @Eltjo - thanks for follow up about this!

Sorry for any confusion, but you would just need to type in @ and the item name from your other board. In my example, I named my item “Board Name Item Name” which is why it came up for me that way.

I do want to note that this will only work between main boards to ensure your Private/Shareable data remains secure :slight_smile:

Hi Melissa, as you can see in my screenshot I did use the @ before typing the name of a main board. Still it did nog show up. Just tried again and saw an option to select subitems of the selected board


After selecting this it turned out to be a link to the selected board.


Hi @Eltjo - to confirm, you are looking to tag another main board (named Developer Operation) in your update rather than a specific item from this board?

The subitems technically live on another board on the back end, which is why they are showing up as a separate option in the list. However, your Developer Operation board should also be coming up in the list, so I’d like to take a closer look at the issue.

Could you please send this in along with a full screenshot of your Developer Operation board to support@monday.com? Thanks!

Hi Melissa, I send the email to support.

FYI; I was able to mention an update from another board as wel. Thanks for the tip.

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This is an interesting feature.

I did a little testing and found some issues…

  1. Both of the boards involved have to be main boards. I had trouble if either of the boards were private or shareable even though I was the owner on both. (UPDATE: @melissav-monday.com, just took a second look at the thread and saw your comment about this. It would be nice if there was something more than just “can’t do it”. Many of our important boards are shareable to give visibility to customers.)
  2. When wanting to link to a pulse, there isn’t any way to tell which board a particular pulse is on.
  3. There it doesn’t seem to work when trying to link to a board that has the same name as a user.

Hey @JCorrell - thanks for giving this a try and sharing this feedback!

At the moment, this option is only available across main boards to ensure that someone who doesn’t have access to a Private or Shareable board isn’t able to find items they don’t have access to.

I hear what you’re saying here and about the ability to get board information or mention a board that has the same name as a user. This is all great insight that I’d love to share with my team. I appreciate you taking the time to share!