Duplicate updates from one pulse to another board's pulse

I’m confused; so I can mirror columns but not items? Why can’t I have items (previously called ‘pulses’) on multiple boards at the same time? This seems like rather obvious functionality.

Hey Everyone,

If you’re still looking for a solution for this I believe I’m almost there using Integromat. Basically it directly copies an update to a linked item.

There are two issues with the automation:

  1. It’s a copy of the update, rather than a linked update. So replies to the update don’t show across two boards and neither do edits to the original update.
  2. The new update on the linked item is posted by whoever’s account the Admin API is linked to. So replies to it, and therefore the notifications, will not be sent to the original update creator.

If you can get past those two issues and still make use of copying updates automatically, then use Integromat.

Hope that helps.

Hi all!

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