Duplicated entries suddenly showing up


I use API calls to make entries in Monday from a source that generates data. After checking this source I can see it sends me exactly one Webhook. I make one Monday call with this data, and therefore expect one entry at a Monday Board.

It has been like this, 1:1 for months. Suddenly in the last few days however, one API call into Monday is resulting in two identical entries in Monday.

Is this a known glitch in Monday? Is there a cure? Anyone have any info on this? I am not sure how to debug Monday, but anyway, just curious for any with experience with this.


Hello there @dlazar,

Would you be able to please send this over to appsupport@monday.com so we can take a look there? It is not a known issue nor we see more reports of this happening.

If you can, please add to your email:

  1. The exact mutation you are using
  2. The exact response you are getting to your request
  3. What you see in the board
  4. Your account name or ID
  5. Your email address or user ID
  6. The last time you sent an HTTP request like this one (date, hour, minute and location in the world)

Looking forward to hearing from you via email!


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I discovered the issue responsible for duped entries, and that logic has now been corrected. Was not a Monday API issue.

Hello again @dlazar,

Thank you for the update!

I am glad you found the source of the issue and could solve it!


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