Duplicating a board each month resetting start date and values

New to Monday.com so please excuse if this is something simple I’m missing.

Every month I have a few boards that I duplicate. When I duplicate them, I have to 1) remove the word (copy) from the first column, 2) delete all the values in several columns or reset them to zero, and 3) change all the dates from the previous month to the current month.

I have figured out how to select all and delete the numeric values although it’s not that intuitive. I haven’t figured out how to bulk paste the first column to remove the (copy). And I haven’t figured out how to change all the dates (example from Mar 1 through Mar 31 to Apr 1 through Apr 30 without pulling up the calendar on each row/date.

This is so simple and intuitive on any spreadsheet. Am I missing something? Pain in the you-know-what at the beginning of each month.

Thanks for any and all advice

Create a template! (as many different types as you need)

I also have the same issue. On a date, I would like a board duplicated and values cleared from certain columns. There is an automation for the last part, but not duplicating a board.