Duplicating a group and changing due date

I am new to monday.com and but have hit a very big stumbling block. I have work that repeats monthly and each item in the group has various due dates. I have set up a folder for each client and then a board for each activity, bookkeeping, payroll, review. Each board then has a group for each month. I would like to be able to duplicate the whole group and then have the due dates on each item push out by a certain amount of days. I have not found a way to do this, therefore I manually created a group for each month. This will be okay as long as there are no changes that have to be made in the process for a month.

Hi @jkiriluk, Janine

Welcome to the community. Are you looking to automate the shift days forward or is manual (all dates in one go) sufficient. For the last option (manually - all in one go) you can select all items in the group (little down arrow left to group name) and 3rd option is “Select all items”. When selected you can click on a date column or a timeline column and a window pops up that allows you to shift all by x amount of days (forward or backward (negative number). See red arrow.

Does that answers your question?

I am looking to have that done automatically. It would be too time consuming to do that for each of my clients every month. I used that function when I set each month up but it is not practical as a solution.







Understood, nice use case :slight_smile: . The standard automations are always triggered by something that happend on the item (like a status change or due date passed). Therefore the short answer is: “this can’t be done with standard automations”. The good news is that monday.com offers the ability to code your own automations. This requires coding skills and a server connected to the Internet that can be called by monday servers. With this you can automate “almost” everything, like copy all items of group January to group February and push dates forward by x amount of dates.

Hi @jkiriluk, we have created something similar for another client. If you would like to organise a scoping call with myself and the development team, you can email me at elise@jtscloud.com.
Looking forward to being in touch!

How do I go about getting more information about this? I do not have coding knowledge but I know someone who does.

A good starting point is https://monday.com/developers/apps/intro

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