Duplicating all Automations when you duplicate a Board

I wish all my automations would duplicate when I duplicate a board. I have about 10 set up in my various content development boards but only the notification automations seem to duplicate automatically when I duplicate a board. Essentially, if the automations would duplicate when I duplicate a Board, it would allow me to create a template Board that I could duplicate every time I have new content that I want to start creating and that I need to feed into our content development workflow.

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Hi @lbarton1 Your automations (with exception of anything that includes mapping - crossboard, recurring etc) should duplicate when duplicating another board as long as the automations are toggled “on” - if you’re having trouble with this, I’d recommend reaching out to us at support@monday.com so we can investigate this further with you! Cheers!

Thanks for the quick reply. What you said seems right - but I’d love for all of the automations (particularly the crossboard) to duplicate. As is, I have to manually replicate them every time I create a new board for a new piece of content we’re developing. What’s the rationale behind only some duplicating?