Duplicating Board with structure, items & updates via API

When I duplicate a board thru the UI, it offers me the choice of duplicating the ‘structure, items & updates’, which allows me to duplicate the board with all the data. When I try with the API, it seems that the updates are not duplicated, and so my new board doesn’t have any of the data that I added as updates. Is there any way to duplicate the board via the API with the updates information in there?

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You can definitely use the API to duplicate a board with updates too! This would be done by using the duplication_type argument`.

Using the duplicate_board_with_pulses_and_updates type, you’d be able to achieve exactly what you’re looking for.

You can find more info on this here:

Duplicate a board - API Docs

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Wow, thank you. Answered my question completely.

But where did this documentation come from? I’ve been looking at “API v2 Documentation”, and that didn’t list any of the duplicate type options.


I’m glad to hear that :slight_smile:

Sorry that came as a surprise - we have been working on an overhaul of our documentation, and this is the new and (hopefully) improved version.

I hope you’ll find it easier to use too.


I’ll definitely check it out. I see now that this is what’s posted at the top of the old documentation as the “sneak-peek”. I think it would be helpful to the community to publicize (maybe in that blue box itself) that people can find additional info in the new documentation (as in what you showed me), so they are aware that this is an additional resource they can use, and not simply a redesigned documentation interface. If I knew before I could find additional info in the new docs, I personally would have switched to using those completely (doing that now :slight_smile: ).


Thank you for your feedback! Transparently, we do plan to make a full switch shortly, but I definitely see what you mean there :slight_smile: I appreciate you looking out for other developers and community users!


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