Duplicating boards including files and custom statuses

Hi guys!

I’m quite new to Monday, but I’m setting everything up at the moment.
I’m having a lot of different teams, who all run through the same process. That’s why in different folders, I’d like to have the same boards. When I duplicate a board and then move it to a different folder, it doesn’t copy all the files that are connected with it, same goes for the status (which we use to show whether its a tool, workshop or todo).

Our board is quite extensive and therefore it’s a massive hassle to connect everything every time I’m setting up a copy.

Is there any solution for this at te moment?

hi @corrinke, if you duplicate and choose (structure &items) in the dropdown it should copy all statuses and documents within columns. What exactly are you missing and how do you do the duplication?

Hi @basdebruin,
When I duplicate it does copy the statuses, but not documents, see here:

When I then move this to a new board it just replaces the statuses with different ones, see here:

Hi @corrinke,

Ohh, I see, you are talking about 2 different actions. I was assuming (my fault) that you were duplicating a complete Board, not just a Group. Duplicating a Board will retains both statuses and documents. I do not see why you are loosing documents when duplicating a Group into the same Board, maybe you can ask support - they are awesome. :slight_smile:

Loosing the statuses when moving a Group (or any item) into another Board is because the receiving Board does have a status column with different status fields (the default ones). The good thing is that you can save your status column of the original board as a template and use this to create the same status column (with the same status fields / colors) in the receiving board.

Hope this helps.

It did!
Fully fixed, thanks a million!