Duplicating Top Group Automation

Hi guys!

Setting up some automations and ran into a roadblock. In our Clients board, we have a group with current clients on a monthly retainer. To obtain monthly metrics we’d like to keep them separate as groups; i.e., February Clients on Retainer, March Clients on Retainer, etc.

When creating dashboards I was able to select ‘top group’ as an option to extract data from, and it would be very useful to be able to also do this through an automation - duplicating the top group, instead of a chosen one.

I’d like for it to always duplicate the current month, which will be on top; however, the way it’s set up allows to only choose the same group to be duplicated monthly.

Hope that made sense and you guys can incorporate this soon!


Welcome to the Monday community!

I don’t think there is anyway to select the top group in the default Monday automations. This can most likely be accomplished within 3rd party integration software, like Integromat & Zapier.

But maybe there is a native workaround option here. Can you tell me exactly why you want to copy the top group? What does that accomplish for you? With that we might be able to think of another way to automatically create the group you want.

Thank you @andrewalmand !

The top group would always be the Clients on Retainer of the current month. The amount each pays monthly is logged in a column and from this group I obtain company metrics like MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) and MRP (Monthly Recurring Profit). I have set up formulas within the group to do these calculations.

The reason for copying it would be so that the current clients on retainer and all their information is copied over to the new month, as they continue being part of the metrics. It also accomplishes that I can look back on groups from previous month, and know that for example in January we had x clients on retainer and now we have x more.

The end goal is to obtain the metrics mentioned above, so any alternative suggestions on how to accomplish that would be appreciated!

Perfect! Thanks for the detailed use case information.

What about having the Month groups pre-made and then a top group named something like “Current Month”? So for example, the board starts with empty groups named Jan through Dec and then 1 group on top. Items start in the top group, and then on Feb first they are copied into the Jan group. This process repeats itself the first of each month.

This would require some additional columns in order to determine which month items belong to. But this is the only way I can think of that would give you the most automation without investing in 3rd party integration apps.

Let me know if this sounds like something that would work and I can go into more details.