Easier way to add link to file type column


Iď like to add another link to file column via api, but I have to store current state and then add new as a chunk of string. This request remove all and add what is in value string:

mutation {change_column_value(board_id: xx6299899, item_id: xx27523227, 
  column_id: "files", value: "{\"files\":[{\"name\":\"link1\",\"fileType\":\"LINK\",\"linkToFile\":\"https://www.partyzan-adventure.cz/kontakt/\"}]}") {id}}

This request add two link to column of file type.

mutation {change_column_value(board_id: xxx299899, item_id: xxx7523227, 
  column_id: "files", value: "{\"files\":[{\"name\":\"link1\",\"fileType\":\"LINK\",\"linkToFile\":\"https://www.partyzan-adventure.cz/kontakt/\"},{\"name\":\"link2\",\"fileType\":\"LINK\",\"linkToFile\":\"https://www.partyzan-adventure.cz/kontakt/\"}]}") {id}}

but is quite cumbersome. Iď like to add new link easier way.

I actually need it in make.com. So I would like to have module that add link to column type file and not clear all.