EASY Replace (I think)

How can I convert this;
The customer @ an evening conversation #happy mentioned!!! He might be…… willing (I think) to pay $6,475 for the project.

And convert it to
6475 (integer)

Basically, delete all letters and special character and see what’s left.


Not elegant. But it will work (as long as the digits are not broken into more that 5 segments:

REGEXREPLACE({text }, "[^0123456789]*", ""),
"([0123456789]*)[^0123456789]*","$1"), "([0123456789]*)[^0123456789]*","$1"),
"([0123456789]*)[^0123456789]*","$1"), "([0123456789]*)[^0123456789]*","$1")

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Thankful for your help. I may need to manage my expectations of this platform. I am developing ideas and expecting to calculate the square root of Pi divided by X. While in fact the platform is limited to 1 + 1. A bit of a disappointment.