Edit Automations -- add secondary action (and)

Hello team,

I would like to be able to edit my automations and add a second action to it. Once I click “add automations to board” I’m not able to add a second action.

For example:

Step 1 . Create Automation 1: When a Button is triggered change Status A to Done
Step 2. Add Automation to Board
Step 3. Edit Automation. When a Button is triggered change Status A to Done and notify People column
As far as I’m aware this third step can’t be done. The only workaround I found is create the automation from scratch.

Thank you

Also I think Dashboards can get data from Boards with Mirror columns

+1 on this please (I’ve voted).

I’ve just created an automation with 7 actions and have then realised after saving that if I wish to add another action or change an action I have to recreate from scratch, which is tedious to say the least.

I’ve just noticed that if you duplicate an Automation, it allows you to add additional actions, so this can do the job.


Don’t forget to disable or delete your old action or you may end up with actions running from both automations

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Yes please - really frustrating when you’ve created quite a complex automation then can’t add to it.

Adding my +1 to this. It is a chore to duplicate/add/delete old, duplicate/add/delete old when you have more than one automation for similar functions that arise from slightly different stipulations.

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You have no Idea how happy this makes me

+1 vote! This is so frustrating that you can fully edit an automation. It makes such a mess to have to create a new automation when you just want to add one more action to a trigger that already exists! It makes keeping your automations tidy very difficult!