Editing Status Note

I love the idea of being able to update from a status. I would like to suggest the ability to edit a status note AND be able to add multiple status notes. That would be a great addition for me and my team.


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Hey @cfraticelli

Thank you for this - we’ll pass this along to our product team. To give it some more weight, can you give us some more information on why this would be beneficial to you and your team?

Absolutely. My team keeps has a board that tracks our support requests. On this board we have 200+ pulses at all times. Every Friday, we like to go over the board as a team. It’s just a quick overview so we don’t need to know every update that’s been posted. If we could hover over a status and see small updates, which we could EDIT and add MULTIPLE STATUS NOTES, this would help smooth along our process so much.

It would be less clicking for us, which is always a great thing in my opinion. And it would allow for an easy way to add additional notes, as well as show quick overall snapshots of where a pulse is.