Elements being cut out of viewport

I’m new here and trying out Monday.com’s native app development feature. Also new to react. To test some things out, I’m trying to simply make an api call to Monday board data and display it in a series of divs. However, for some reason, the Monday window seems to arbitrarily cut out a large number of the top divs. The screen is vertically scrollable, but the very top of the screen has already cut out many of the above divs. Any idea why that happens and how to have more control of the screen?

Hey @cmoffitt – sorry for the late response here. Our team didn’t spot this because we primarily track the Developers and API category.

Is this still relevant? If so, can you please share a screenshot of your app (I’d love to see what’s being cut out) so we can support?

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Hi @cmoffitt!

Since we haven’t heard back from you yet, I’m going to mark Dipro’s last comment as the solution.

If the issue hasn’t been resolved yet, please do make a comment on this thread within the next week, or feel free to start a new thread in the “monday Apps & Developers” section so that our team is able to spot it.


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