Email attachment at the beginning of the email

I use the emails and activities to make the workflow even better and it works very well. But there is one big pain point for me. I work really often with attachments within the emails and I’ve got the problem, that users of our company who doesn’t use monday for emails, don’t know, that the attachment ist at the very end of the email. So - we have got a really long signature for our emails and the attachment disappears at the end of the email - the person, to whome I’ve send the email won’t see the attachment, because it’s down there within the email at the very end of all. So I often get the answer, that there wasn’t any attachment, allthough there was - but at the end of the mail and my coworkers just didn’t see it.

That’s why I call for a better attachment system. Please put the link for downloading the attachment right above all. The link should be at the top of the email so everybody can see by just one look, that there is a attachment. It would make the flow much more easy for me to work, because for now, I have to switch back to outlook itself to send single mails to a specific item, when I want to attach something.