Email Automation Custom Message, Attachment Display Name

When settings up a new Automation to send an Email to X, I am able to customize the email. In the custom email, you are able to add Column items ex. Column Names = Contract Owner Name, Contract Name, Contract (attached via Box Integration). Custom Email = “Hi [Contract Owner Name], Your [Contract Name] [Contract] has been successfully executed. Please return to vendor.”

Q: The [Contract] appears as a hyperlink to the document. Is it possible to add a display name (“Contract”) to that hyperlink? In other words, the display name is shown vs the link itself.



Assuming that the {Contract} column is a Link column, if the integration creating the link value can not set the display text for the link, it should be possible to set that value with Integromat or similar tool.

I would recommend first looking at the existing integration.


The [Contract] column is a Files type. I add the PDF contract file to the column using the Box integration.


I did a little testing. Unfortunately, even the link column shows the URL info when used in the base automation. Got the same results when I looked at using the built in Communihub app (which allows HTML formatting).

At this point, I think this would require using a different mechanism to send the email, like and Integromat scenario, custom app or similar.

Using Integromat would definitely work.

Sorry I don’t have a better answer for you.