Email integration other than Gmail?

Any options to integrate with email services other than Gmail?

I use Zoho mail and Fastmail currently.

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Gmail and Outlook are the only natively integrated email options currently. There is also the Communihub feature that was recently added. This allows you to send email from within an items updates.

Another option is a integration tool like Integromat or Zapier. I use Integromat and Zoho Mail is definitely supported(Zoho Mail Integrations | Integromat) and although I didn’t see Fastmail right off the bat, it might be on there or on Zapier.


Thanks for responding. I think I may just switch email back to Gmail (Google Workspace). So many integrations with it.

I might actually try Integromat though since you brought that up. Been using Zapier but the visual workflow looks great.

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