Email Integration using Formula column

I want to use the information that results from a formula column as a text for email integration.

This is the formula I´m using:

IF({Local}=“Club”,“”,IF({Local}=“Marula”,“”,IF({Local}=“Mano de Tigre”,“”,IF({Local}=“Nacion Sushi”,“”,“0”))))

The result of the formula is correct, but when I try to use the resulting text (in this case an email address) for email integration, the “formula column” value does not appear as a send to someone option, only email or text types available.

The workflow is as follows:

  • “status column 1” changes to either Club, Marula, Mano de Tigre or Nacion Sushi

-Formula column assigns an email depending on the previous selection

-When “status column 2” changes to “notify”, then an integration is invoked to send an email message to the email address contained in the “Formula Column”… but have not been able to finish this part.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and best regards,


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