Email Integration


Is there a way that we can add a hyperlink and or attachment to the email integration? basically an HTTP capability, that would be a massive feature!

looking forward to hearing from you,


Hey @Nenos!

Thanks for writing in and can you tell us which email integration you’re using? Is it the Gmail or Outlook Integration?

If yes, what you could do is set up a Link Column on your board and then include the link within your email when setting up the recipe:

Does this help with what you’re looking for?

HI Ivan,

Thanks for you replay!

I’ve tried it, it works in terms of function, however, I was hoping to make\convert a word into a hyperlink e.g. Here < so when people click on ‘here’ it takes them to a website.

With your suggestion the whole link come into the email and some links are very long which makes it look messy and unprofessional.

I’ve noticed that the ‘Link’ column has a description box, can you guys make the description word as the hyperlink that comes into the email integration instead of the whole link??

Looking forward to hearing from you!