Email notification replies as new comments, not replies

Account admins should be able to either turn off email replies to Monday notifications, or choose whether email replies are stored as comment replies or as new comments.

We are trying to use Monday more often but this has become a significant problem. Most of the users at my office use Monday very infrequently, and have not adopted it enthusiastically. As soon as staff realized that they could reply to notifications via email, that became the main method of communication for more than half of our users.

This is a problem because when a user gets a email notification and then replies to it via email, it is stored on the pulse as a comment reply instead of a new comment. Our pulses are a mess of comments and replies that are out of sync with each other.

Unfortunately if this is not implemented I am confident you will lose our account. Our management team is frustrated because Monday pulses are very confusing for them to read and our staff is refusing to let go of their email reply habits. I reached out to Monday’s support team about this already and they could not suggest a remedy, so here I am.