Email replies in Pulse Notifications

Hi all.

Is there any way to receive reply emails to update pulses from “non” Guests? My marketing campaign targets new customers and I dont want to be adding each possible email as a guest and give them all access to the board? Just want to track their responses?

I have also tried Communihub app but have found that I am unable to attach existing emails to items. Only create new ones?


Would providing the “non”-guest with the pulse email work? If they send any email to that address or CC it in communication, then it would also add said emails to the updates.

The easiest way to retrieve the pulse email is the following:

  1. Open an Items Update
  2. Click “Write updates via email”
  3. Copy Email

You can also automatically have a column that generates the items pulse email through use of the ID Column and an app like General Caster or Integromat.

Hope this helps!

Hi @JayT - Are the new customers’ email addresses each in an email column on your board?

Thanks Andrew. Ive been currently including the pulse email addresses in the cc field and find that when the customer responds (with the pulse email in the CC) it does not appear in the update. Only when I respond, does the update appear. From what I understand, this is because they are not added as guests?

Hi, not necessarily. I have there emails in a different board though. Also, this email list can increase daily by 100’s of new contacts so manually creating automations per email addresses is impossible.