Email to Board - Feature Enhancement Requests

My team is using Monday.Com as a workorder system. Each new request from our client is tracked as a new group of items, referred to as a workorder. items within that group represent the tasks performed by our team to complete the workorder.

Our current process is for our client to send an email to our team for each new request, and to CC the Monday.Com board email alias. This creates a new item in our chosen board. However, there are drawbacks to this process due to current limitations in Monday.Com:

  • All emails sent to the board are added to the same group of items, and does not appear to be configurable
  • If these items are moved to a new group, any replies to the same email thread are not linked to the initial email in Monday.Com and will be added to the default Group of items.

I’m suggesting the following features:

  • the ability to toggle an option for unique subject line emails to create their own group of items in Monday.Com
  • the ability to toggle an option for emails with the same subject line to be added as items in whatever item group the emails with the same subject line are residing in.

Let me know your thoughts.

Thanks for your excellent product, look forward to continuing to use it as it grows!